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Composition for Speaker Park

Composition for Speaker Park

Due to Speaker Park’s combined acoustic, aesthetic and spatial parameters, none of which are based on any standardised theory of acoustics or spatialisation, it is essential that any audio composition for the installation is made with consideration for these specific parameters, and with mixing and panning taking place within the physical installation it’s self. This unconventional approach encourages composers to think about acoustic spatialisation in abstract and new ways, and invites the development of new techniques for positioning and moving sound sources within the spatial composition.

Both the initial compositions for Speaker Park (by Brunvoll and by Saario) explored very different approaches to the placement/movement (or perceived movement) of sound within the “park”. New possibilities are also being explored, both by developing a specific interface for fluid panning across the horizontal plane (see panning interface below) and by experimenting with ways to record audio that anticipate a given effect within the final composition.

In doing away with principles such as speaker uniformity and symmetry within the installation, Speaker Park provides composers the opportunity to also depart from the uniformity and symmetry one generally expects in traditional surround recording practices. This opens up many exciting creative possibilities, which we hope composers will continue to explore.

To continue expanding the repertoire of compositions for Speaker Park, and exploring the many artistic and technical strategic possibilities, Wrap began a collective composition during the Speaker Park residency period at Oseana art centre (30.03 - 07.04 2019). Various musicians/composers have contributed in response to an open invitation, and this composition has provided a framework for workshops aimed towards youth.

HDU hopes to set the installation up in new locations where composers can develop new pieces, as well as hosting composer residencies at Wrap, providing access to microphones and recording equipment, technical advice and the installation its self.

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