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Speaker Park is a concert installation, which aims to bring together the openness, spatial and explorative qualities of a park, with the sonic and sensory detail of a state of the art cinematic production.

24 highly unique, hand-made speakers, form an unconventional sound system that is equally a collection of visual artworks. This immersive installation is the basis for an ongoing series of interdisciplinary collaborations exploring visual and sonic composition.

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Elin Reisæter, Barn i Byen

"It feels inclusive and broad like a four-lane motorway. Speaker Park is recommended for everyone!"
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Simon Cummings, 5:4

"While elaborate multi-channel speaker setups continue to be regarded by rather too many as the ne plus ultra of electronic music presentation, things here were more than a little different – for the better"
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Renate Synnes Handal, Bergens Tidende

"It’s like sugar and spice for the eyes and ears"
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Meet the Speakers

Learn more about the design process' behinde the 24 speakers that make up the park.

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Speaker Park and it's innovative technology can be experienced through concerts, performances, and workshops.

The project also offers a recidency.

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From 2024, as part of the continuation of Speaker Park, Wrap encourages composers to apply for a residency to compose a piece for Speaker Park. There is no deadline for this application. The residency might not happen on a yearly basis, but there can be one residency per year. The residency offers a two week period of space and technical assistance to work with the installation in the big project room at Wrap.

Please contact us for more information.

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Speaker Park Symposium

The symposium is a celebration, update and further development of Speaker Park. Speaker Park consists of 24 speakers, and is an installation where you can move in sound and space. At the symposium there will be recorded performances, live performances of a new work composed for speaker park, and a performance of a choreography in the installation. There will also be lectures and conversations about the ideas and technology behind the project.

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